Snap-In Dentures Are a Stable Alternative to Removable Dentures

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Throughout history, many iconic duos have complemented each other in different ways. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, peanut butter and jelly, & Batman and Robin are examples of two people, foods, or characters that make each other better. The concept of “two great tastes that taste great together” can be applied to implant dentures and mini dental implants. The removability of traditional dentures can be convenient, but they lack the durability and stability of implant dentures secured with mini dental implants. Snap-in dentures, also known as implant-retained overdentures, are exceptionally stable when snapped onto the implants but can be snapped off for easy cleaning.

Thanks to their many benefits, snap-in dentures have been shown to increase quality of life for denture wearers. And because of the additional benefits of using mini dental implants, snap-in dentures are a better choice than ever.

The Issues With Traditional Dentures

Snap-In Dentures in Wayne, NJ | Mini Dental Implants | Dr. FineTraditional dentures have been a functional solution for many patients facing the loss of most or all of their teeth. But conventional dentures aren’t without their problems. It starts with their construction—the bulky acrylic base needed for the dentures to rest in your mouth properly doesn’t look or feel natural. That acrylic also covers the roof of your mouth, altering how food tastes. Relatedly, the chewing and biting power of traditional dentures can’t match your natural teeth. That means some of your favorite foods may become challenging or impossible to eat with an old-fashioned prosthetic.

A long-term problem of conventional dentures is that their fit worsens over time. Older dentures do nothing to replace your missing tooth roots, which means they do nothing to stop the natural deterioration of your jawbone. This changes your facial structure and affects how your dentures fit. Suddenly, your once-snug dentures are pressing on your gums in new ways, like wearing a shoe that’s the wrong size. This, combined with the wear and tear of constantly removing your dentures, changes the shape of the prosthetic, which will need to be relined or held down with messy adhesives. This process is like a snowball rolling down a hill, each aspect affecting the other in an ever-worsening cycle.

Snap-in dentures solve the problem of loose dentures by combining the security of dental implants with the removability of traditional dentures.

What Are Snap-In Dentures?

As the name suggests, snap-in dentures snap onto dental implants or mini dental implants, which are titanium posts placed directly into your jaw. Unlike regular dentures, the false teeth are attached securely to the implant, so there’s no slipping or sliding. The days of worrying about your denture moving around in your mouth while eating or speaking are over.

This use of dental implants classifies them as implant dentures, a stronger and more stable evolution of traditional dentures. Snap-in dentures look, feel, and function more like natural teeth. They restore your chewing power and ability to speak clearly, and they fit more comfortably than conventional dentures.

If you’d like more information on snap-in dentures, we offer free implant consultations and a complimentary 3D scan of your mouth. During your visit, you can learn more about the implant denture process and the benefits of choosing mini dental implants over their larger traditional counterparts.

Did you know we can even add mini implants to stabilize your existing dentures if they meet the criteria? Whether you want to stabilize loose dentures or replace all your teeth, implant dentures are a great option.

Financing Questions

As with any medical or dental procedure, worrying about the financial aspect is understandable. However, at Fine Dental Care, we aim to make snap-in dentures affordable for everyone, no matter your budget. Our experienced staff understands how tricky dental insurance claims can be and will help you navigate those waters. If outside financing is required, we work with multiple lending companies to offer flexible monthly payment plans. Our team will guide you through the financial process so you fully understand all your options.

Learn More About Snap-In Dentures

With snap-in dentures, you’re not just getting a set of teeth—you’re getting a boost in confidence, an improved quality of life, and a solution that addresses functionality and aesthetics. Why wait when a beautiful, functional smile is just a phone call away? Dr. Fine and the team at Fine Dental Care are excited to help you on this journey. Schedule your free consultation today and discover how snap-in dentures can transform your life.

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