Implant Bridges Can Save Your Smile

Implant Bridges in Wayne, NJ | Mini Dental Implant | Dr. Bruce Fine

Your smile immediately catches people’s attention and leaves a lasting impression on everyone you encounter. But a smile also has a big effect on your health and well-being. Studies have shown smiling can lower stress, better your mood, and boost your immune system—even prolong your life! If that’s true, then why wouldn’t you want to feel good about showing off a brilliant, confident smile all the time? Unfortunately, missing teeth and gaps in our smile can make us hesitant to show it to the world. The beauty of dental advancement is that modern solutions like implant bridges can quickly restore our smiles, making them a feature we’re proud to show everyone around us.

What Exactly Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is one of the many methods of replacing a missing tooth. It consists of a false tooth, or multiple teeth, connected to two dental crowns. These crowns affix to the healthy teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, with the whole structure literally “bridging” the gap between the healthy teeth. For the dental bridge to fit well, the supporting teeth adjacent to the missing tooth must be healthy and free from issues like gum disease and cavities. If they aren’t, don’t worry; Dr. Fine can address those issues before placing the bridge. For the crowns to fit properly, some enamel must be removed from your anchor teeth using a simple and painless process.

Implant Bridges: The Modern Solution With Mini Implants

Implant Bridges in Wayne, NJ | Mini Dental Implant | Dr. Bruce FineWhile traditional bridges have worked in the past, implant bridges move that solution another step forward. Instead of relying on your surrounding teeth for support, implant bridges rely on dental implants embedded securely in your jawbone for connection. This is often preferred over a traditional bridge if you’re missing several teeth. The beauty of implant bridges is that they don’t affect your other healthy teeth and offer incredible, long-lasting stability.

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The real secret to the success of implant bridges is the innovation of mini dental implants. These titanium screws are as thin as a toothpick but offer unparalleled stability and durability thanks to their one-piece titanium design. Because of their small size, the mini implant placement process is much faster, and the whole thing can be done in a single visit. The best part? The cost is often dramatically less than a tooth-supported bridge!

Why You Might Want to Consider Implant Bridges

Implant bridges offer several advantages over traditional bridges:

  1. Alignment matters: When you lose a tooth, it creates a vacancy in your gum line. And, like settlers looking for unclaimed land in the Old West, neighboring teeth might try to move in and take over that space. This can lead to a misaligned bite. Dental bridges keep your teeth orderly and in place.
  2. Food lovers rejoice: Have you ever had to give up on your favorite meal or a crunchy snack because of a missing tooth? Dental bridges restore your ability to enjoy all types of food.
  3. Clear conversations: Missing teeth might make certain words sound odd or add an unwanted lisp to your speech. With dental bridges, you can articulate more clearly, making conversations smoother.
  4. Look good, feel good: A complete smile does wonders for self-esteem. Knowing your teeth are in top shape lets you flash your smile without reservations.
  5. Oral health benefits: Think of getting dental bridges as repairing the holes in your castle walls, stopping bacteria and potential decay from getting in and harming your mouth. Maintaining oral hygiene becomes simpler with a full smile, reducing the risk of future dental issues.
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What About the Cost?

Even a decision as sensible as investing in our health can raise budget concerns. We’ll start with your dental insurance, where our experienced staff will walk you through the process and help you understand your options. If you’re looking for a payment plan, we collaborate with several financing companies to offer plans that fit different budgets. At Fine Dental Care, we want to help you make an informed decision without unnecessary strain on your pocketbook.

Other Types of Implant Bridges

Apart from traditional and implant bridges, there are other options for a dental bridge. At your consultation, Dr. Fine will help you select the best option based on where the gap is in your gumline, the health of the surrounding teeth, and your personal preference. These options can be useful in very specific situations:

  • Cantilever bridge: Think of this option as a balcony jutting out of a building, connected only on one side. That’s how a cantilever bridge works, connecting the bridge to only one adjacent tooth. They’re less common but can be a handy solution in specific situations.
  • Maryland bridge: Instead of crowns, this bridge uses a metal or porcelain framework attached to the backs of adjacent teeth. It’s especially useful when the neighboring teeth are healthy, and the gap is upfront.

Time to Bridge the Gap?

At Fine Dental Care, it’s not just about the procedure but about providing comprehensive care. Our primary mission is to restore your smile and confidence. With Dr. Fine’s vast experience and a committed team by his side, you’re in very capable hands. If implant bridges sound like a possible solution, call us to schedule a free consultation today.

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