Tooth Loss Solutions: Why Mini Implants Are the Best Option

Tooth Loss in Wayne, NJ | New Teeth | Mini Implants | Dr. Fine

Are you missing a tooth, or do you know someone who is? It’s likely you do, as the American Dental Association reports the average adult aged 20-64 has three or more missing or decayed teeth. Replacing missing teeth used to involve an invasive placement procedure and a lengthy healing process. But there’s good news—thanks to the innovation of mini dental implants, Dr. Bruce Fine and the team at Fine Dental Care can solve all types of tooth loss issues quickly, efficiently, and affordably!

The Problem with Tooth Loss

Tooth Loss in Wayne, NJ | New Teeth | Mini Implants | Dr. FineLosing a tooth has more of an effect on your life than you may realize. Most people think only of how it changes your smile, but losing a tooth is like throwing a rock into a pond, creating additional ripples in your daily life that continue to spread further and further. Tooth loss makes it harder to eat certain foods, which limits your diet and may force you to give up your favorite meals. It also changes how you speak, creating unwanted lisps and making you harder to understand. These may seem like small details, but you shouldn’t underestimate their impact on your quality of life.

Tooth loss also negatively impacts your oral health. By not replacing a missing tooth, teeth will shift, and bacteria will grow in the empty spaces. You also begin to experience jawbone resorption, which changes your facial structure and leads to a sagging, aged look. All of these issues will only worsen over time as your jawbone deteriorates, teeth become misaligned, and bacteria are allowed to grow and spread.

The Solution? Mini Dental Implants

When searching out tooth replacement options, you may have heard of dental implants. They’ve been around for a while as a way to replace lost teeth in conjunction with crowns, bridges, or dentures. However, these traditional implants are on the larger side; they’re approximately the thickness of an unused pencil eraser. This thicker diameter means a more invasive placement and sometimes a bone grafting procedure beforehand for those with jawbone loss. They also have a lengthy healing process, lasting anywhere from three months to a year, meaning more follow-up appointments for you, the patient.

Here’s where mini dental implants come into the picture. These smaller implants are about half the size of their older predecessors, yet they’re just as strong and durable. Their single-piece design is sleek, meaning we can place them with a minimally invasive procedure, with no bone grafting required. They also have a much shorter healing time and can even accept their final restoration the same day we place them, making them the preferred choice for patients and dentists alike.

The Advantages of Mini Implants

Mini dental implants come with a list of benefits over their larger predecessors that are hard to ignore:

  1. Minimally invasive procedure: Conventional implants need an incision in the gums as part of their placement. Mini implants only require a small pilot hole, a bit like getting your ears pierced. Most patients find the experience more comfortable than they anticipated.
  2. Immediate results: We can place mini implants in one visit and load them with new teeth as soon as placement is complete. Patients can walk into Fine Dental Care with gaps in their teeth and walk out with a full, radiant smile.
  3. Speedy recovery: After the procedure, discomfort is minimal, and most patients return to normal routines in a day or two. The mini implants will fully fuse with your jawbone in about three weeks, much shorter than the 3-12 month timeline for larger implants.
  4. Durability: Crafted from medical-grade titanium, these implants are built to last and boast a success rate above 95%.
  5. Affordability: High-quality care shouldn’t break the bank. Mini implants are about half the cost of traditional implants thanks to a simpler placement, shorter healing timeline, and fewer appointments needed.

Addressing Financial Concerns

At Fine Dental Care, we’re committed to helping you navigate the maze of insurance and financing. We work with various insurance providers and even offer flexible financing plans through third parties. Some of these come with 0% introductory rates! Our team is here to help you find the best plan to fit your budget.

Time To Fix Tooth Loss at Fine Dental Care

Tooth loss can feel overwhelming, but there’s a path forward. With Dr. Fine’s expertise and the effectiveness of mini dental implants, reclaiming your smile is within your grasp. If you’re ready to change your life, reach out today. Schedule your free consultation and discover how mini implants could be your solution for tooth loss.

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