Mini Dentures Provide Maximum Results Thanks to Mini Implants

Mini Dentures in Wayne, NJ | Denture Options | Dental Implants

When you hear the phrase “mini dentures,” what comes to mind? Maybe it’s an adorable set of tiny teeth or a toy dental prosthetic. As it turns out, the “mini” part of mini dentures refers to mini dental implants, small titanium screws that firmly anchor a full arch of artificial teeth. Although small, mini implants are strong enough to form the foundation for the most stable and reliable sets of dentures. Secure and functional teeth are fundamental to our overall quality of life, and mini dental implants make that a reality for more people than ever before. Keep reading to learn how!

Mini Implants for Mini Dentures

Mini Dentures in Wayne, NJ | Denture Options | Dental Implants

The devices that make mini implant dentures possible are mini implants. Unlike larger conventional dental implants, which are about the width of a pencil eraser, mini implants are about the thickness of a toothpick. This allows us to place them without incisions. Instead, we make a tiny pilot hole through the gums. The narrow diameter also means mini implants fuse with your jawbone in a shorter timeframe, allowing you to use your new teeth immediately. They are a sturdy and reliable way to stabilize loose dentures or replace missing teeth, and they offer a less invasive and more affordable tooth replacement solution.

Mini implants are your practical ticket to restoring teeth and improving oral function! They provide incredible stability, allowing us to secure full arch dentures more reliably. For those seeking alternatives for partial dentures, we can also use mini implants to anchor crowns and bridges, giving you the flexibility to choose the best tooth replacement solution for you!

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Mini Implants: A More Affordable Solution

The cost of implant dentures depends on a few factors, such as the model of denture you select and how many implants you need. The good news is that mini implants cost about half as much as traditional implants, thanks to their streamlined placement and healing process. Their efficiency and affordability for patients are key reasons why we prefer mini implants for tooth replacement.

Some insurance plans may cover your implant dentures, so we always check with your carrier to ensure you receive any eligible benefits. We also partner with various lending firms to offer affordable monthly payment plans, making mini implant dentures possible for a wider range of patients.

Types of Mini Implant Dentures

Implant dentures come in two main varieties: fixed and removable. Fixed dentures generally require more implants than their removable counterparts, but both types of prosthetics are custom-made to provide you with teeth that look and feel more natural.

Implant-retained overdentures: We often refer to this removable denture option as snap-on dentures because of how easily they snap on and off to your mini implants. With this system, we anchor the prosthetic using 4-8 mini implants. The implants, which we place directly into your jawbone, allow for much greater functionality and comfort than traditional removable dentures. Snap-on dentures also eliminate the palate section of a conventional denture, allowing you to fully taste your food! If you already have a traditional denture that meets certain requirements, Dr. Fine can retrofit the prosthetic with mini implants.

Semi-removable bridge: This “roundhouse bridge” is designed to replace all of your teeth, even though we refer to it as a bridge. The prosthetic is made from zirconia and can completely eliminate the pink plastic base, providing a more natural look and feel. Connecting to 6-10 mini implants, we sometimes call these dentures “Fix-on-Six” or “All-on-6” dentures. Only an implant dentist like Dr. Fine will remove them during your routine cleanings.

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Permanent roundhouse bridge: For those seeking a more enduring solution to missing teeth, a permanent roundhouse bridge is a fantastic option. We securely cement these bridges to 10-12 mini implants, offering exceptional comfort and stability that surpass traditional tooth replacement options.

The Advantages of More Stable Dentures

Implant dentures provide many benefits over older traditional dentures:

  • Clearer speech: Teeth stabilized by implants eliminate the unwanted lisps and unclear articulation that may accompany missing teeth or loose dentures.
  • Better diet: Have you had to avoid certain foods because they were too difficult, or impossible, to eat? Implant dentures can handle everything your original teeth could, allowing you to eat all your favorite foods again.
  • More affordable: Mini implants are more affordable than conventional implants because they require less healing time and fewer visits to the dentist.
  • Improved jawbone health: Conventional dentures don’t prevent the deterioration of your jawbone after tooth loss. Implants stimulate the jawbone like natural tooth roots, helping it stay strong.
  • Upgraded aesthetics: Implant dentures eliminate much, or all, of the pink plastic base that comes with traditional dentures. We also customize the prosthetic to look completely natural. This customization gives you a confident smile that looks and feels more like yours.

Learn More About Mini Implant Dentures Today

Enjoying your favorite foods, speaking clearly, and smiling with confidence are all part of a rich and fulfilling life. However, missing teeth or loose dentures can make these activities difficult, if not impossible. If you want to learn more about mini dentures secured by mini dental implants, schedule a free consultation today. Thanks to mini implants, a stable, functional set of teeth has never been more attainable.

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